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Mr. Nirmal Kochar

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

From a modest beginning in the early seventies the JAINKOCH CORPORATION has today flourished into one of the foremost reliable group, in Indian Engineering Industries, producing high quality steel and a wide range of rolled products. In short, the “Group reflects the success story of "JAINKOCH CORPORATION”.

The steel at JAINKOCH CORPORATION is produced through various process such as hot rolling, cold drawing, peeling and grinding which is being extensively used by the Railways, Defence, Automobile Industry, Flywheel Ring Gear Industry, Bearing Industry, Roller Chain Industry, Hand Tools Industry and various other engineering industries.

Since its inception JAINKOCH CORPORATION has undertaken several modernisation programmes to augment its capacity, upgrade its product quality and meet growing customer requirements. Thus, the spectacular rise has been marked by a rapid growth in production, sales and more importantly, by a steady improvement in quality applications. The wide range of products strongly backed by the " JAINKOCH CORPORATION " stamp of excellence, bear testimony to the Groups relentless drive for perfection. <\p>

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