5% Broken Short Grain White Rice (#Swarna) Silky Sortexed

Swarna is a popular Short Grain Rice known for its superior taste and popular for cooking Asian Style Food. In general it has high #Amylose levels of 25%+ which makes this variety as a good option for Diabetes patients also.

IR64 Parboiled Long Grain Rice

Polished and Sortexed Parboiled #IR64 Rice.

100% Broken Indian Rice

100% Broken Rice from India available in various varieties like Bold Brokens, Small Brokens, etc.

Parboiled Ponni Rice

Parboiled #Ponni Rice (Polished & Sortexed) from India.

Long Grain White Rice

Long Grain White Rice from India available in various broken grades of 25%, 5% available in both Reasonable Well Milled and Well Milled quality.