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Almonds smoked

Ingredients ALMONDS, Vegetable oil (palm and sunflower oil), Smokehouse seasoning (salt, flavourings (MILK), smoke flavouring, dextrose (maize), palm kernel fat, maltodextrin (potato, maize), food acids (E300, E327, E330)), Emulsifier (E414)

Almonds Valencia roasted with seasalt

Ingredients ALMONDS, Sunflower oil, Salt

Almonds smoked Hickory

Ingredients ALMONDS, Vegetable oil (Canola, Safflower and/or Sunflower), Smokehouse seasoning (sea salt, maltodextrin, yeast, sugar, onion powder, yeast extract, molasses, smoke flavour (hickory), colour (E150d))

Cashewnuts roasted / unsalted

Ingredients CASHEWNUTS, Arachis oil (PEANUT)

Cashewnuts roasted /salted

Ingredients CASHEWNUTS, Arachis oil (PEANUT), Salt.

Cashewnuts roasted with wasabi seasoning

Ingredients CASHEWNUTS, Salt, Arachis oil (PEANUT), Potato starch, Horseradish, Powdered sugar, Flavour, Flavour enhancer (E635), Flavour enhancer (E621), Yeast extract, Onion, Spices (garlic, pepper), Food acid (E330), Food acid (E262), Rapeseed oil, Anti-caking agent (E551), Natural flavour

Cashewnuts Vietnam Testa

Ingredients CASHEWNUTS, Salt

Cashewnuts Vietnam W 240

Ingredients CASHEWNUTS

Cashewnuts Vietnam W 450

Ingredients CASHEWNUTS

Cashewnuts Vietnam W 320

Ingredients CASHEWNUTS